First OOTD post

So this is the first OOTD I will be posting. excuse the blurriness, I couldn’t get a better photo. I wore this to go to classes about two weeks a go. the shirt and skirt are both from target and the cape thingy is from Hot Topic (the Doctor Who collection from last year). (also excuse the mess in the back, I had a cold and couldn’t be bothehttpsred to clean.)



am a student at Sewanee: The University of the South (class year 2020). I am not your stereotypical college student. I have Dyslexia, I am not a partier (I have never drunk and\y alcohol and can’t even stand the taste of it in food), I have generalized anxiety and panic attacks, and I am an extremely shy introvert (go in INFJs!). I have a very strong sense of self and I am not going to change that just to fit in to what everyone else is like. I want to have this blog to show anyone else like me that they are not alone, and that if they are not yet at college that it will be okay. Also I want to give any perspective students an insiders look at Sewanee. One that I couldn’t find.

First blog post

I plan on posting about life as a college student. And more than that as a different type of college student. One who prefers to stay in writing a blog on a Saturday night than go out partying. I attend Sewanee: The University of the South. Sewanee is a small liberal arts school with very strong traditions. One of those traditions being “class dress” this means that you cannot go to class in pajamas and are really pushing it if you go with jeans and even a nice t-shirt. This was a concern for me coming here. So I plan on doing OOTDs to show how I dress for class, because it’s really hard to find examples. I hope that my outfits will also help students who don’t go to colleges with dress codes. I have a witchy, gothic style that is the most prominent theme you will see, but I also like other more classic styles. As well as random posts and OOTDs I hope to review products that I find useful as a full time student. Some of these will be beauty related, some fitness/health, and some school supplies.